Senior Portraits by Leah Zawadzki

Last week I spent some time documenting this girl during a very special time in her life. She leaves for college this weekend!

Wishing her only the best of luck with this new chapter of her life. Have fun and study hard! x

Cape Cod Summer Holiday by Leah Zawadzki

The summer flew by. The last few weeks with the kids back in school as given me some time to get organized again. In an effort to catch up, here are a few little treasures from our time spent on Cape Cod and the little video I made for the June edition of The Sixty Second Photograph

Beach Days by Leah Zawadzki

Nothing like an out of town friend to get us to one of the prettiest beaches in our local area. For some reason my kids don't think it's as "fun" as Newport Beach. They were proved wrong this summer evening in June.

Thank you Summer Murdock for such a great excuse to visit this magical little spot. 

Senior Portraits by Leah Zawadzki

Travel . Washington DC & New York by Leah Zawadzki

Spent some time early May with a bunch of 8th graders in DC & NY. A few shots captured between rushing from here to there.