Beach night

A little over a week ago I got to hang out with my friend Summer Murdock. What a treat. It was a beautiful evening, with a beautiful person and the sweetest kids. Couldn't help but fall in love. And I couldn't resist sharing my favorites from our time together. xo

mountain visit

I promised myself that every summer I would take my kids home to the mountains for a week. Here are a few shots from our yearly summer visit. This year we only got a partial week, but I am grateful for even that. Nothing does my heart better then spending time in the trees. 

They say we are in drought which we can't really see here in Southern California (even though it's here too). But go to the mountains and it's in your face scary. The lake is so low the docks are on the ground and there are meadows where water should be. With select days the water, the kids multi tasked and played in the sprinklers as the grass got it's weekly drink. The stream behind my parents house, which usually runs nicely in June, is almost dry. 

I came home so grateful for water. We will be using it wisely this summer.


the year so far

I have been very absent lately online. In an effort to center myself and re focus my daily intentions. It's been awesome.

Less time on line means more time in real life. I kinda like it. Here are some personal favorites from lately. In no particular order.