i always spend way too much time trying to make things perfect.  everything has to be just so.  for my birthday i allowed myself to play with my website, splash page and new blog...going back and forth, back and forth, until everything matched and became perfect in my own mind.  but it never got perfect.  i wasn't happy with the brown.  but this morning i wake to not so perfect, but just right.

when i look back over my last session, i can tell you i felt the same way.  they are two of the most beautiful, adorable children.  there was really no excuse for the session not to be absolutely perfect.  but during the session the five year old little girl bit her lip...a little habit she has picked up--my six year old does the same thing.  i didn't know what the parents would think of that...i kept trying to get her not to do it--you know, so the photos would be perfect.  but do you know what i learned?  the photos of her biting her lip are perfect....they are perfectly her at the age of five, and they are just right....





AuthorLeah Zawadzki