our visit with autumn and bowie

i feel so lucky to have met so many new and wonderful friends through photography.  i only knew autumn and bowie on line and with email, but meeting them in person was even better than i expected.  it felt as if we had been friends for years.  bowie is such a special little boy.  i love his uncut hair and the way he moves.  there has always something special about autumn's photos of him, i have never been able to put my finger on it till now.  mostly it's the reflection of her love for him i see in her photographs...but she captures that special way he moves as only a mother can.  you can check it out here: autumn's vanity

and autumn herself is just as sweet and special and you would imagine.  the is quiet and tender and thoughtful.  the way she approaches children is such and inspiration.  very gently and with respect--any child would adore her.  i know that she is going to go so very far with her photography.  i wish her the best of luck.

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