blak.  bla-k. with the k pronounced deep in the throat.  definition: uk.  ukky.  anything blakky.  i guess i started using this word, and now it's become the latest fad around our house.  especially for lil joe joe.  i would use it for anything i didn't want him to touch...or somebody's left over chewing gum on the sidewalk.  "blak, don't eat that...that's blakky..."  now he uses it for just about anything he doesn't like.  the kiwi fruit i offered him this morning for breakfast.  his bath he didn't want to take last night.  or the nap he is suppose to take after lunch.  this morning he even had an opinion about my night shirt.  i guess he didn't like the color.  it was grey.  blak.



AuthorLeah Zawadzki