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oh my boy is growing up.  he didn't want to play.  he didn't want to fail.  but he went out and played and had a great time.  you can't loose at t ball and that's a good thing.  funny cause our team was in the out field to start and the other team just kept getting run after run after run.  then our team was up.  and they just got run after run after run.  it's easier to hit in t ball and i don't think there was one out :)

i just made myself at home and went out on the field with the men...taking photos.  i am sure they would have rather had me behind the fence with the rest of the camera taking folk.  especially when i starting yelling at the lil guy on the pitchers mound to get the ball as he watched it roll by...his body still as can be--his eyes just watching it roll.  i tried to be quiet after that...and then made my way behind the fence.  and actually it was the best place to get part of the action...through the boards behind home base.

here are all the photos from that day...i am so happy to have the memories.  oh yes...and he got two hits.  and two runs.  i am a proud mama.

AuthorLeah Zawadzki