don't get me wrong. i adore my kids. but what's happened? how did i end up with these money hungry, materialistic children? they are seven and three and it's all about what they have. how at three years of age does a child understand that a "lucky" store is cool? i know it's cool. i love their jeans. but a three year old? she spotted it from across the street and had to go in. they all three had to have something. and they each knew exactly what they wanted. they looked so cute the store clerk took their photo. yes--we don't make it any better by giving in to their whims and buying them what they want. but hey, she needed new jeans and they were on sale.

i wish i knew how to teach them what's really important living in today's world. i am not sure i am doing a very good job. we have so so much to be grateful for. we have a very nice house over our head, a new pool in the backyard. we eat well. we sleep in dry sheets. we don't have to worry about our safety. we have shoes to protect our feet. they each have four grandparents. two great grandparents. and most importantly we have each other. we have our health. we have our love. yes indeed, we are very lucky. xxoo

Leah Zawadzki2 Comments