Leah Zawadzki Orange County Photographer

Orange County Family, Senior and Child Photography by Leah Zawadzki

their journey begins


i don't like goodbyes. nope. not one bit. we spent the morning chatting about this and that...like we always do. and in the back of my mind i was telling myself this was it. they are on their way to kansas. tears forced their way to the surface as i kept holding them back. the last time our kids play together at these ages...the last time...for a while anyway...we just hang out. the kids ran around doing their normal thing--dressed as super heros and star wars characters as we sat and talked about things that bored steve. he went to target. the morning went on and then we said goodbye.

but i know it's not really goodbye...because the friendship we share is just begining ...it doesn't really matter where we live or how much time will pass. suppose that is the beauty of friendship. xo