looking back

four weeks ago, four years ago, 15 years ago, 60 years ago.  time goes so fast.  images from our mini-vacation last month.  we went to visit the uss midway in san diego.  i was just along for the ride.  at first.  and we thought the only ones who would really enjoy it would be my husband (ex-military @ airplane buff) and my eight year old boy.  but i was wrong.  i think my four year old son loved it the most.  he couldn't stop listening to the audio, talked about it the whole trip and is still talking about going back to the big ship.  my four year old daughter also loved it....as the boys (mommy didn't ride) were all a little sick getting off the jet stimulator, she begged to ride again...we think she might just be a pilot when she grows up.

as for me...i walked around the entire time making pictures in my head, taking photos with my camera.  thinking about my grandfather on a ship just like it 60+ years ago...and all the other men and woman who give up, part or all of, their lives to live on a ship like this one.  living everyday in such confined quarters so we can live with freedom.  it touched me much more than i ever imaged it could.

and my kids.  little bitty things on that great big ship.  they won't be little forever--and they have their whole lives ahead of them.  how lucky they are to grow up in a country where people work hard to protect that privilege.