i had am so blessed to live in orange county and have had the opportunity to be photographed by the two most amazing artists: tara whitney and michel sandy.  this day will live in my heart forever...not just because i have a little treasure in this video...but because i was able to work with these two lovely people.  it's hard sometimes for me to let go and just be.  still i look at the photos and wish i would have brushed my son's hair better or worn a different shirt...but i love this video and my family so much--it reinforces what it's all about...not being perfect.  just being you.  

thank you tara and michel!  xo

Zawadzki Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

today i am off to 29 palms for the wallflower friends retreat.  can't believe it's already here!  i am exited and nervous.  we have an amazing group of woman so i an certain we are all in for a treat!! lot's more on this when i get home!  xxoo


AuthorLeah Zawadzki