our day at the farm

the kids had the day off yesterday so we headed out to meet gillian and her two littlest for lunch. and then a trip to visit the bunnies and horses and goats and birds.  the kids could have stayed there all day.  it was a beautiful day in southern california and the perfect day to be out and about with the kids.

loved seeing gillian.  her twins are growing so fast...funny to think that was me just three years ago and now the dynamic has changed so much.  the time for rushing home at nap-time is over (sorry gillian) and now we can stay and play all day.  and that is what we did!  my oldest decided it would be fun to gather up all the guinea pigs...and keep them there by feeding them veggies.  he started with just a few and before the day was over he had every guinea pig in the pin stacked up.  that is until the management came over and started clearing them down...i guess i gets a bit dirty that way...how were we to know?

we may not need to rush home for naps...but both my twins crashed in the car on the way home.  i think the photo of my youngest son asleep might just be my favorite from the day.