my family by tara

i posted the movie session a couple weeks ago...and since received my photos from tara.  i wanted to take the time to share them with you.  i love them for so many reasons.  first--i loved the day.  tara and michel just have this way about them.  relaxed and comfortable.  i didn't want it to end.  

second--it's my beautiful family, a time in our life that seems ever so fleeting.  moments in time i get to keep forever.  

third--they are so tara. she just has this unique way about her work--real and free and not so fussy. i love it.


and while we are at it...a bit about my family.  many have mentioned how perfect we are (or look). and how some wish their family could be more like ours.  it's funny...because in photos, no matter how real, for the most part, only the best shines through.  we can use our imaginations and believe that the people we see have this magical life that we could only dream about.  well, no matter how much i like to believe our life is is really not much different than anyone else's. it's crazy. my kids are crazy. they fight. most of the time. i am always late.  i forget almost everything.  we don't spend near enough time with the kids...on the computer or doing chores more then playing. dad works until 7:00 most nights with only an hour to spend with the kids. and something i never share...ben has dyslexia and it looks like there is a good chance the twins do too.  they get it from their mama. not really a bad thing...but it does make things more difficult. the list goes on.

so what i love about the photos, about photography, is that it does capture the essence of what is good and what is magical in our lives...and let's all the other stuff move to the way side. at least for a moment. because really, truly, my life is magical.  all our lives are magical.  for the most part.  on this easter eve i sit in a comfortable home, with healthy kids sleeping soundly, a full belly and a soft warm bed to look forward to.  so much to be grateful for, so much to love. xo