yesterday.  they day my first born turned nine.  nine.  sigh.  and i can still remember what he looked like as i first glanced at his little swaddled face in that hospital blanket--like it was yesterday.  it helps that his face looks just about the same as it did nine years ago :)  he hasn't changed much actually.  just a bit bigger...can hit a home run, put huge lego sets together in a matter of hours...and he eats a lot more now too.

it was a fun day.  started the day in san juan zoomars.  again.  he can sit and hold that guinea pig for was all he wanted to do.  in the evening we had some close friends of the family come over...i took one shot of the kids before they dispersed again into the shot.  i kind of like the fact it was just one shot and i can sit and look at all their personalities in that moment.  kate apparently had to pee, and joe's trunks were falling off all afternoon.  clara giving me her model look and lucy and ben best pals as they have been for nine years.  jake and jess--cooperating nicely to get that piece of cake they were promised.

looking forward to what the next nine have have in store.  xo

AuthorLeah Zawadzki