and a baby / by Leah Zawadzki


such a fun an inspiring afternoon with an old friend (and a few new ones) passing through southern california for an amma tour.  seven adults and a baby following this magical woman in a small RV across the county--i think their latest stop was chicago, il.  

‘Amma’ as she is known all over the world today, has inspired and started innumerable humanitarian services. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community. She is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the United Nations and by the people all over the world.

it is so amazing and inspiring to me that this group of people can be so selfless and giving.  to travel with so little "stuff" with so much to give and offer.  i am lucky to call them friends and hear their stories.  at the end of the day, as my children and i walked them out to say goodbye i took that last shot.  there is something that hits me just right in that last photograph, the kind of thing that makes me love photography.  a mom and her baby, a photograph of the woman they are following posted to the wall behind.  a reflection of my yard...a place where they stopped along the way.  a snippet of time for us always to remember.  i know, i know...a little sappy...but it just makes my heart happy.  xxoo 

I realize my purpose is to console - to personally wipe away tears through selfless love, compassion, and service.  --Amma