pentax k1000

there is nothing spectacular about these images, but they mean a lot to me.  they were all taken with my very first camera i received for christmas...sometime around 1980.  this was the camera i used to photograph the high school yearbook photos, my crazy, wonderful friends, developed negatives from in 4-h. i didn't know a thing about it.  surprised any of my photos even turned out back then.  but they did.  it was like magic. all i knew is that i needed to get the needle to center in the middle of the brackets at the far right.

anyway, it does feel amazing to me sometimes that i found my way back to to photography through my kids.  and that i kept that little camera for almost thirty years and now have the opportunity to use it with my kids.  (not sure how much i will be using it, i can't focus it for the life of me--these are the lucky shots :)  now i know a lot more about photography.  i know that the little needle to the right is the meter--and that a hand held meter is more reliable.  i know i like the 50mm 2.0 kit lens that came with it better then the fancy 5.0 zoomy lens my mom and dad got me to go with it...i thought that was the best back in the day.

here are the photos that made me think of my little pentax k1000.  they are photos my grandmother took of me thirty some years ago, horrible scans, horrible hair.  goodness.  ok.  enough reminiscing.