this is sweet wendy hiller, a wallflower friend, and her beautiful family.  deb and i had the pleasure of having wendy join us at our retreat in sundance, UT last fall.  she is the best example of what we love most about wallflower friends -- the amazing people we meet, the new and lasting friendships we make.  and it was such a joy to now meet wendy's family.  

you'll notice an extra brother in one of the shots...he isn't a brother at all, but rather a foreign exchange student. they were here in california to explore and share--another testament to what an awesome family they are! i am so glad we had this opportunity to get-together and grateful for their trust in me to photograph their family this year.


it just so happens we opened registration for next year's wallflower friend's spring retreat.  we are so excited to be heading to northern california for this one--and we booked the entire seal cove inn...just for us. it's going to be spectactular so don't miss out!  register early as seats are quickly filling.  we are also toying with the idea of going to australia next november.  if interested in wallflower friends coming to australia, be sure and let us know!


AuthorLeah Zawadzki