celebrating baby


kate and i flew to san francisco this last weekend for a my cousin summer's baby shower.  a girls trip.  the boys stayed home.  we are so excited for summer and her first baby--a girl!  we can hardly wait to meet her.

it was such a treat to spend time with family and friends...as a mother of a daughter.  it was fun to see kate on her own...away from her brothers.  she was shy and funny, and comes out of her shell once she get's to know people.  i have always know these things about her, but they are so much more evident when she is the only child among adults.  spending this special time with her is something i will always cherish...and you can be sure i will be making one on one time with all my kids, my babies.  

this time is so fleeting.  all the more reason to celebrate this new baby.  xo