after the rains / by Leah Zawadzki


there has been so much rain and sickness around here...i feel like we have been in some sort of hibernation. yesterday was a day off for the kids so we had a friend over and i let them go out back.  when i went out to check on them i found them in the tree.  as i am mixed about them climbing a tree with the threat of falling and breaking a limb, i was so happy they were out climbing trees.  and not inside with their video games.  joe couldn't make it up the tree which was very upsetting, so we went off to find a snail.  kate couldn't make it out of the tree, so it was a good thing i came out to check.  

but in this hibernation, not all has been unproductive. i have been working on developing a new set of actions...i used them on these photographs. but i can edit my photographs all day long and not get a true feel of how they will work with other people's photographs. so i have this idea. upload a favorite, unedited photo here.  be sure and name the file your first and last name. it will be great to have some other folk's photographs to use while i finish testing. then i will select a few winners to personally test and keep the set when it's finished. sound like fun? can't wait to see your photographs. give me some time with them and over the next few weeks i will post some and announce the winners. thanks for helping out!  xo