i can't even begin to tell you how much the submitted photographs helped me put the finishing touches on 'the simple set', lilyblue's latest actions action set [soon to be released].  there were over 150 photographs submitted, each one with it's own unique beauty and character.  regrettably, i can't give away 150 action sets! but i did select 10 photographers to this new action set and provide feedback.

here is the list of the lucky 10, along with their photos above.  if your name is listed below, please email me to receive your 'the simple set' actions.  i'm hoping to have the final set ready for the public, once beta testing is complete--hopefully in the next few weeks!!

again--i'd like to thank each and every person who took the time to submit a photo!

1.  else kersey | bisque 

2.  krista cambell | mulberry

3.  christine fohrkolb | simple one 

4.  jody mckitrick | simple two 

5.  lauren donofrio | simple three 

6.  colby evan | soft BW 

7.  amanda eaton | earth

8.  rosie bray | olive

9.  nichole burnett | just BW

10.  dhana mcconnell | earth + light & contrast

AuthorLeah Zawadzki