at the beach with friends

summer's here.  first official beach trip of the season.  it's sad but true.  living just a bit inland and seems like a huge trek.  but it's not really.  so glad we made it on this day--it was gorgeous.  our good friends will be gone for the summer...and we always love hanging out with them at the beach.

we took advantage of this time and got our yearly photo of ben and lucinda together.  we take it every year. ten years old this year.  it seems impossible. they have known each other since the babies and are so close.  i keep waiting for the year they don't want to touch.  i think they will always be close.

i might also have to start a series of these five kids with the heads together...always searching for something. early spring it was ladybugs and salamanders, this summer it's sand crabs and baby star fish.  i have never seen a baby star fish.  that is what they said they were.  i'm still not sure.  xo