crash gamer n sickly

the active one and the one that would remain in that very position all day long.  they are the same yet so very different.  kate's a dare devil, rides fast, takes risks.  fell on her bike last week, ended up in urgent care.  joe--well he would be a couch potato if i let him.  he would play that darn game all day long while she is outside catching lizards.  they have been that way ever since the womb. and the big one, ben--poor guy's been hanging out in his room with the worst summer cold i have ever seen.

we have been so busy getting ready for school and for a camping trip the last week of august.  a little bit sickly as well.  not much time for photography lately.  so before going officially crazy i decided to pick up my camera and just snap a couple of everyday life.  these are them.

and just for equality sake, here is a photo of ben before he got all sickly.

enjoy the last few moments of summer!  i'll be back when it's over....