big month. big summer. so many great days. i can't believe we start school tomorrow.  

dog sat for about a week. kate wants a dog so bad. today she told me that all our problems would be solved if we could just get a dog. i believe her.

spent time in the mountains. my hometown. the lake, the river, time spent with my grandparents. with old friends. love showing my kids the things i did as a kid.

a most surprising highpoint of our summer—a cub scout camping trip with ben on Catalina island. it was hot. it was dirty. i didn't sleep for three nights.  the fox ate my vitamins and snuck into my tent more then one time. as i slept, i could smell animal and listened to deer right outside. lots of hiking, kayaking and swimming in the most beautiful cool water. hung out with a bunch of men (mostly men). shot guns and bows and caught fish with a small piece of corn on a tiny little hook. listened to young boys rant and rave, and get all worked up over their card games (they played a lot of card games). we ate horrible food and drank ice tea without ice. not one bit of internet for four days. it was so dirty. and hot. and it was the best time i have had in a long, long time. ben and i indeed made some great memories.

finished up august with our yearly day of beach and sawdust festival with our best friends in laguna beach.  

yes, school starts tomorrow. next month...back to the old grind.

but for this month...this is what our august looked like. 

be sure and click through to the sweet and talented sarah cornish | my four hens photography to see what she has been up to this month.  xo

AuthorLeah Zawadzki