There was a week, just a few weeks back that we spent everyday on a lake with good friends.  We woke to the sound of wild geese and drank our morning coffee watching the water through the trees.  We rode tubes and bananas and Ben learned to water ski for the very first time.  We got up early to go fishing and didn't catch one...but as a consolation watched a mama eagle high up in her nest.  We sat on the sand and read while the kids made mud coins and sandy barricades.  The kids went from boat sick to loving speed, with Kate discovering her new favorite thing--driving a boat as fast as her dad would let her.  We drove the boat to dinner and then back after dark real slow.  We sat and talked for hours as the kids played legos on the deck.  We would float on black tubes in the warm sun waiting for the boats to bring a big wave.  We spent our days making memories.   

That was a week just a few weeks back.  Now we are back to a familiar routine of housework and school days. Wrapping up my memories of our special time and putting it a corner of my heart to pull from when days get long and not quite so lovely.



AuthorLeah Zawadzki