Here and there / by Leah Zawadzki


That is how I will define this project to date. And that is why I am so darn excited about it.

Deb has asked me for years to work on a pairing project and I resisted. I was scared that it would take too much time or too much thought. It would just be too much work. Never would I have imagined it be this much fun.

Finally with her in Japan it just makes sense. Two countries, two cultures. The possibilities to compare and contrast our lives. How could I say no?

After only a little more then a week the pairings come together effortlessly, almost magically. The connection and contrast in the images can be surprising, and has given me a new found excitement to pull my camera out and shoot whatever I see. Charley the dog who encounters restrictions in Japan vs Oliver the American dog who is free to roam and poop wherever he wants. The mysterious figure of a person that just appears in both our frames without planning it. The horizon lines that just magically line up. Her kids exploring museums and my kids exploring their neighborhood. Randomly and unplanned we both take a photo of an open storefront on the same day. Each pairing seems to have some story to tell. A story not only for the viewer but one that unfolds for the photographers as well.

Honestly, as the years pass and the kids grow I have had a lull in my enthusiasm toward photography. I am really excited explore my world, my culture, in relation to her's in Japan throughout the upcoming year. I am looking forward to letting go, being open to the possibilities and to just having fun with photography again.

Here & There

Hope you enjoy it too. x