went out back the other day with a jar of glitter.  didn't get the photos i was looking for exactly.  but the side effect was better then expected.  it made her very happy.  happy is good.


[edited with lightroom only.  super excited about lightroom 4.  working on new presets.  someday soon i hope.]


just back from a little trip to mexico--only my hubby and me.  we met up with some old friends, a reunion, a super great time--hiking the ruins, snorkling, hanging out on the beach, in the water and on the sand.  here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.  i only took iphone photos via instagram.  it was freeing not to have the big bulky camera with me, i took photos anywhere, anytime.  fun stuff.  


it's a new year

the new year is off to a great start.  two things i have always wanted to do--done within the first week of the new year.  simple things, but satisfing none the less.  

one.  take more photos of my kids in an effort to documemt them in a organized way.  a way that documents this phenomenon called growing up.  kind of like putting a pencil to the wall to show their growth.  nothing fancy, just simple straight forward portraits of each kid, every week.  i am actually not quite sure what will come of it.  i started it here.  now the hard part--following it through.

two.  create an animation in photoshop.  done.

and done.  nothing else is done.  but i don't want to think about that right now.


oh 2011

it's still hard to believe 2011 is coming to a close.  these are some of my family favorites from the year.  my goal for 2012--slow down and soak more of it in.  as i look back, i realize how fast time goes--way way too fast.  

i can barely stand it.  xo

ho ho ho

it's the week before christmas
and all through the house,
there's hustle and bustle--
and still much to do.
the countdown has started...
christmas gifts are all bought--
but not a single one wrapped.
we have cookies to bake,
and carols to sing,
gingerbread houses to make,
and a birthday to celebrate.
the sweet times are upon us!
enjoy every moment--
and have a very merry holiday. xo.

mountain holiday

photos from our thanksgiving holiday spent with family.  nothing like good ol mountain air to bring out the explorer in our kids...lots or rock jumping, winter walks and deer watching.  sweet times....