more in film

here are a few more shots of my sister and her family with film.  my love for film seems to be growing larger every time i shoot it.  left the house with out the light meter, so these were shot without...just guessed on the settings based on the last beach shoot.  film is forgiving and so so lovely to shoot!!


mid-july i spent three days in san diego with jonathan canlas at the FIND workshop.  exploring film is even more then i could have imaged.  so much fun!!  here are some of the first images from the workshop.  gotta say...i LOVE film.


all shots taken with the contax 645.

playing with film

here are a few shots i took last weekend.  in film.  yes all color film. no photoshop.  shot with the nikon f100 using fuji pro color film.  i have been trying to just play on what ever subject matter i can get my hands on, then developing at walgreens of all places!! it works for now :)

this was a gorgeous day spent with the family at an RC flying club near trabuco canyon.  my husband and kids had the best time....and me, well i was taking photos--that made me happy! xo

one two three film.

one, two, three FILM.  just picked up a used f100 and giving film a try.  very excited.  learning all about the right film and were to get it processed...but in the meantime i couldn't wait.  bought a roll from the grocery store and then took them to a 1 hour photo.  can't wait to see what happens when i get some better film and professionally processed.  

besides the potential for beautiful photographs, i love the slowing down part.  being careful and thoughtful. taking time and waiting for the shot.  i think this is going to be good for me.  now if i can only learn patience...waiting for the film to come back from the lab will require heaps of it.  xo