got my underwater housing right about the same time deb did but have had no time to actually use it.  while tying to recoup from our family camping trip yesterday evening i decided to lug the thing out. it's hard, no doubt. i have sores all over my hand from getting the camera in and out of the enclosure. it's difficult to see through the view finder, even with goggles. i feel like each photo is a little gift, a complete suprise...since none are planned and the entire process feels so random. here are a few of my favorites from yesterday...xo

the beauty of water

water.  one of my favorite things.  always has been.  and this weekend i had the awesome opportunity to shoot underwater photos of this beautiful lady...and got to hang out and collaborate with deb--an unexpected and welcome treat!  it was a great experience....at least until i misjudged and went camera first into the bottom of the pool.  first black eye in years!  but it was worth it!!  tons of fun!  xo







it's been awhile (since my last post). again.

i have been busy with summer, a home remodel, playin' with flare and working on new raw presets. i am very excited about the new set (i almost ready to release). this time i played with toning in camera raw and lightroom. my goal: to develop a set that provides consistent and immediate results with processing raw images. i am loving them--as i used them on all of the above images, along with some of my actions in ps. the more i play with raw the more i get excited about the possibilities--and the fact i can edit sessions in a snap :)

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