Salt Lake

Early June we had a four hour layover in Salt Lake City on the way to see my sister in Washington. Lucky for us Summer and Crystalyn live in Salt Lake. So happy they took the time to pick us up for a small adventure to see the lake. It was SO good to see them and catch up. Fours hours didn't actually equal four hours but we did end up with about an hour together--a heck of a better option then sitting at the airport. In that time carved out a even smaller time to make a few photos. 

Summer and I pulled about 5 minutes out of our time together and paired the images. You can see our collaboration over at the 5 minute project blog. It was fun to see that even if we were shooting the same exact spots, the images turned out unique to each photographer yet work together to tell a story of our time together. Kinda fun.

I will be planning four hour layovers in Salt Lake again. xo

Leah ZawadzkiComment