Learn how to use Lightroom, improve your workflow and find your Simple Edit.

The next class will be held Winter 2020 at Illuminate Classes.

Registration will be sometime in November 2019, to be announced.

I remember the days when I had no clue how to organize my photographs. I am reminded of this every time I search for images from those days and can't find what I'm looking for. Luckily, someone showed me a very simple way to structure my folders—AND then I learned Lightroom. Today, I’d be crazy without it. I hear so many that say it’s too hard or I don’t have time to learn it. Let me tell you with all certainty, you can absolutely learn it. This class not only teaches Lightroom but workflow and editing skills that will make post-production your favorite part of the process.

Past students report improved workflow, better edits & massive amounts of time saved editing sessions. 

Where are you at with your own editing? Are you able to finish your photographs with edits that speak to your voice as an artist?  In this class we will explore this concept, along with the concept that it’s not always in the edit; it’s in the photographing itself. Sure you can use editing to fix some mistakes that may happen while photographing, but learning to understand how to edit can also help you begin to take better photographs. In this class, we'll look at ways to fix in-camera mistakes with editing, and at the same time, move you toward making better images all around.   


  • the basics of lightroom CLASSIC with focus on library and develop modules

  • insight into how to use the program to maximize benefit for you 

  • what edits a photo needs and what it doesn't

  • how to evaluate your images and refine your style

  • you'll cut huge time off your personal and client workflow

  • curate your images into a cohesive and consistent body of work

  • simple techniques for processing black and white

  • about working with collections and Lightroom online (let me just tell you there are awesome tools out there!)

  • how to work with video

  • how to make beautiful books

  • improve your in-camera shooting (yep, we do that in a Lightroom class)

  • what’s really important to you

  • and much more...


This three week online interactive workshop at Illuminate Classes will include: 

  • most instruction provided via video presentation

  • daily interaction from me answering questions about the materials presented

  • students must submit 3-5 RAW images, a minimum of one image will be edited by me

  • small, simple assignments reinforce lessons

  • one large individually crafted assignment specific to your work

  • individual editing/image critique

  • illuminate presets provided to all active and silent students

  • special threads for silent students to submit work and interact

  • a digital PDF with all the lessons presented at the end of class

  • invitation to private FB group after class for The Simple Edit alumni

It's recommended students shoot and edit RAW files. The most current version of Lightroom Classic is required. Latest version of Lightroom for desktop is ok too, email me with questions.


How much does your online course cost?
Full-participation seats (active seats) are $300. Partial-participation seats (silent seats) are offered at $200. Students that have already taken The Simple Edit can take the class as an alumni for $150.

What is the difference between your seat types?
Full-participation students ask me questions, participate in assignments and receive personal written and video feedback from me. They are asked to submit images at the beginning of class that will be used in the “teaching” videos released during the second week.

A partial-participation (silent) seat is a better fit for students looking to obtain the information at their own pace. These students still have access to all classroom information; however, they cannot ask questions to me or submit assignments for feedback. Within each lesson, there is a ‘Silent Student’ discussion section, where students can participate to discuss, share assignments, and ask questions to one another if they wish. For some class runs partial-participation students interact with each other regularly but for other classes the silent students are quiet and do not interact as much.

Alumni students interact in the classroom as a full-participation student.

How often and when are your classes taught?
Illuminate classes run three times a year. Typically, Leah teaches The Simple Edit each time. Classes taught and dates are fluid and determined prior to each registration launch. Sign up for the newsletter for information regarding the next run of Illuminate classes and when to register.

How many students are in each class?
So that I can provide a lot of individual time, attention and personal video feedback for active students, each class has a maximum of 15 full-participation students.

How are the classes presented? Do I have to be online at specific times every day?
New information (lessons) are presented every morning (EST). I am in class a few times each day to answer questions and discuss new information shared by full-participation students. Individual written or video feedback is provided for every assignment. You do not have to be in class during any certain time of the day. You can visit the classroom at a time that is convenient for you and go at your own pace. To get the most from the course, it is recommended full-participation students visit the classroom daily to keep up with lessons and assignments. (Videos and lessons require about 1 to 2 hours a day)

I teach and mentor other photographers. Can I take The Simple Edit?  
I adhere to Illuminate Classes policy which states "We do think that teachers should be able to take classes but it could be a big conflict of interest if you teach the topics that the class you want to take covers. Our teachers have poured their heart and soul into their curriculum. It is copyrighted material and cannot be shared with others or used to develop workshop curriculum. If you register for a class and you teach a similar topic, your money will be promptly refunded." If you believe their may be a conflict, please email me to discuss prior to registration.

If you have any other questions regarding the class, email me.


“I really loved this class. I have taken other workshops through other platforms and they pale in comparison to the level of detail, attention and feedback you get when you take a course with illuminate. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a class focused on editing, but I was blown away by how Leah set this class up. I learned so much about the editing process, but also about curation and shooting. The layout of the curriculum was perfect and I think it made me push myself outside my comfort zone in both how I edit and how I shoot. I am walking away with so much new knowledge my head is spinning! I feel like I need more time to fully absorb all that we went over. I think I will continue to refer back to the course materials and videos as time goes by. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about how to edit images true to yourself. Also, Leah is an amazing teacher, she gives so much to the class and I am so grateful to have gotten to learn from her.” - Stepheney Collins

“I have learned soooo much from Leah about how to better my workflow in Lightroom! Having an understanding of how to use LR to help me organize, file and rate my catalog is not only sensible and a great tool to have in my back pocket but it's already making me want to shoot more because the process from import to export, including the "simple edit" is going to be far less time consuming than it has been in the past! I also learned about some tools in LR that I either had no idea existed or was simply unaware of how to use them. Lastly, one of the things that I took away from my three weeks with Leah was the realization that I don't have to touch every slider to make a great edit! If I have taken a solid photograph straight out of camera, the edit should really only be tweaking a few things, and that too will save me heaps of time in post. Not to mention, it will give me more of an opportunity to take more photographs because I know that I won't working endlessly on each image and thus I'll develop my skills and eye quicker too! So very glad I jumped in on this class! I have been using LR for a few years now and there was so much I had no idea about! Thanks a million, Leah! I am on my way to making stronger images and edits, capturing more memories and saving myself headaches down the road all thanks to you!!” -Jade Stell

“The Simple Edit is one of my favorite classes and I've taken many. I believe it should be a required class for every photographer. If you are struggling with either editing in Lightroom and/or keeping your photos organized, or developing an easy workflow from shooting, to editing, to exporting your images, then you have to take this class. It's guaranteed to simplify your digital life. It is appropriate for both beginners and more advanced students wishing to learn the ins and outs of Lightroom, how to edit beautifully and simply from scratch or to brush up on editing skills. I am not a beginner, more of an intermediate to advanced photographer, and I have learned so much in the class. Leah not only teaches editing, but everything about Lightroom, including making a collage, editing a video, and designing your own book, which I am excited about printing. My reason for taking this class was to get a handle on Lightroom, to organize my photos, and to develop a system for my huge catalog of photos which was a mess. I learned all that and more. I also developed a new appreciation for an uncomplicated and beautiful style of editing. There is so much information that Leah shares in the class, that I will be going back and reviewing the lessons and videos for months to come. Leah is a fantastic instructor--she is very knowledgeable, thorough, present and responsive. She makes complicated topics easy to digest. Leah gives excellent feedback and she cares about each one and every student, and I would highly recommend that you take this class FP just to be able to ask her questions (and I had many!) which she answered in detail, often with making a video. Plus, it's fun to see her edit your own images. The class was very active, and I credit Leah with being so warm and engaged and so giving of her time and expertise. Truly, one of my favorite classes to date and highly recommended.” - Eva Satell

”I was a total rookie to Lightroom. It takes some time, but the Simple Edit class is very informative and educational. I learned the basics and then more. I am now able to import, edit and export images with success. The instructor was very easy to understand, and was prompt with answers to any questions I had. She was encouraging and offered a great deal of support and assistance. I enjoyed the class very much.” - Karen Davis

“As soon as I read the description for The Simple Edit, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for and it did not disappoint! In fact, the course gave me so much more than I was expecting. Not only do I now feel like I understand how to use Lightroom, but I now know so much more about how to take better photographs, how to use light & colour, how to manage my time more effectively and how to convey what it is I feel and see through my photographs. And that's all down to Leah - she is encouraging, warm and positive throughout; she gives so much of her time to answer questions clearly and quickly; and the feedback on my editing was so useful and illuminating. I feel motivated and energised and I can't wait to take my editing further - it always seemed like such a daunting and time-consuming part of photography, but not any more!” - Claire Westaway

“After more than one failed attempt over the years, Leah's class is the one that finally got me working in Lightroom. I am a hobbyist photographer doing only personal work and just felt overwhelmed by the software. I tried teaching myself, after work and after the kids were in bed. I watched a lot of Adobe videos. Many friends told me to save my pennies for more art focused courses. What I loved about Leah's class--and really wasn't expecting--is that it incorporates shooting, composition, and the art of the edit. I think that is what held my interest enough to keep making the time over 3 weeks to learn LR. Lynda videos are all technical. The Adobe videos were great to dip into to understood one specific tool. But I never felt grounded in the process. It was like seeing just one tree at a time, and never the forest. Leah covers the entire constellation, of which editing in LR is one star (from how to organize upon import to production of books). I still have so far to go in achieving good, fast and instinctive edits, but now I'm firmly planted and heading down that road. Leah also made a special video for me of an image I was having trouble with. Above and beyond!” - Dawn Wolfe

“Leah is exceptional in her ability to clearly and succinctly explain the Lightroom editing process from start to finish. She uses so many examples and gives you simple tools to take your photographs from just O.K. to wow. She was able to meet everyone at their different levels of experience and skill and I offered so many tidbits to help save me time and sanity while editing and organizing.” - Andrea Seider

“I found Leah’s course, The Simple Edit, an ideal solution for a better understanding of Lightroom. I’ve been working with Lightroom for over fiver years but felt I had gaps in my knowledge and questions about my workflow. I knew enough about Lightroom to know what I needed help with and Leah was fantastic - walking me through my edits, explaining how to make changes to get the image I was looking for. I would highly recommend this class even if you’ve been working with Lightroom for years - there’s always something to learn!” - Julia Arstorp

“I really enjoyed this class. I have tried many times before to use LR without success and going through this class with Leah has inspired me to really sit down and give this program a go for good. I can't wait to transition all my work into LR so that I can get organized, I never knew how much this program offers in ways other than just editing. Watching Leah's videos and seeing how easily she can find her images from all the organization options has changed my mind on this program and now I know that I need to start using it and move away from the way I have been trying to keep my files. And I'm excited to stream line my editing with all the tools that LR has to offer.” -Anna Hurley

“I learned so much in The Simple Edit class. The content was relevant, thorough and easy to follow. Leah is a natural teacher. She encourages her students by calling out their strengths and helping them consider ways to grow. Not only is she extremely talented, she is willing to share her knowledge and tools. The assignments were helpful and Leah provides great feedback through videos. It was the most personal feeling online course I've taken.” - Michelle Shott

“These 3 weeks with Leah as a warmhearted, sensitive, experienced and enthusiastic teacher and guide have been a intense and wonderful journey on my photographic path. I was able to find a solid base In learning how to organize my images in Lightroom better, to concentrate on taking well-shot images and get to know the tools for a simple edit. The personal feedback, both written and with videos, was so helpful and motivating. I loved also the little assignments offering us space for personal insight and projects, opening up to nearly philosophical questions, giving inspiration and encouragement. I loved the concept of this online class and didn’t miss one bit of a traditional on site class could offer. Thank you Leah!” - Susanne G

“I feel like this class was the perfect pairing of technical work combined with artistic mentoring from Leah to come together into creating a better, simplified photograph. The information presented regarding organization, workflow, and the use of Lightroom alone made this class well worth the investment, but then if you add to that the discussions and feedback about achieving creative voice through those tools presented---I just can't recommend it enough. Such a good class.” - Taniel Proctor

“In this class I learned so much about using Lightroom more efficiently. I loved the opportunity to peek inside Leah's artistic process and hear why she made her editing choices. Seeing her improvement from the beginning of her own photography journey until now was inspiring -- I love that she included this aspect in the class; it helped me reframe my own learning through more of a growth mindset. This class made me a better editor in Lightroom, but also -- unexpectedly -- I think it's made me a better photographer in general. Leah got me thinking about light and color, and even the technical settings on my camera, in a way that had never quite come together for me before. This is a fantastic class!” - Jaime Greenberg

"Leah was an amazing & encouraging teacher. She inspired us daily with her knowledge, thoughts & lessons. She gave me the strength to think constructively about my own work. Initially going into this class, I was hoping I would learn just a few things to help me use Lightroom more frequently. I will be using Lightroom exclusively now with the tools she has given me. I feel totally confident using Lightroom after taking the simple edit; it will be a part of my workflow. I had no idea the organization she would help me implement into my catalogue of photos. It feels wonderful to be able to locate my photos, know where I am importing my photos & how I will be able to find them later on. Learning that the way I edit a photograph would also affect the way I shoot a photograph, how it would change my craft was illuminating! ; ) Thank you Leah!" - Seana Peterson

"Leah takes the complex, the complicated & makes it simple. Photography & all related necessary tools such as Lightroom, just never going to be easy, it is an art form, it is personal. What we need for lifelong learning & growth in editing is here. I recommend this course & specifically Leah, at the highest possible level. Leah can relate to all of us regardless at which level we may be in terms of ability & experience, and then guide to the growth potential one may seek. It just doesn't get any better than that." - Sandra Reid

“I signed up because I wanted to have a better understanding of Lr and have been a longtime admirer of Leah's work. The class didn't disappoint. It was great to get a glimpse of the way Leah organizes her photos and her workflow, something I have always struggled with doing. It's a great class! Thank you Leah for sharing your knowledge and your time with us.” -Tia Benningfield

“Leah's class is the real deal! Even though I've been working in Lightroom for years I learned a lot. I found myself shooting better - making more of an effort to get it correct in the camera so that my editing is a much simpler process. My last two sessions I found I shot less - with more intent and my workflow was so much better!” -Stayce Koegler

"I felt like I was heading into the direction of trying to emulate other peoples edits and stay current with editing trends but failing. Leah has taught me to stay true to myself and not over think the edit. Sometimes little tweaks are all you need, you just need to have the tools to know which ones. You get a chance to evaluate your own work and Leah gives you so much encouragement and support in your journey. I learnt so much about Lightroom, tips, tricks and shortcuts. It was very helpful with cataloging and backing up. I loved that Leah never came across that she knew everything and she learned new things along the way with us." - Lauren McAdam

"Thank you Leah and fellow class mates for this class! I was brand new to Lightroom and despite the fact that there is still a lot to be practiced and learned, this course has definitely helped me to get an organized and simplified overview and gave me courage and inspiration to dive deeper. What also was greatly valuable to me is the inspiration and realizations about being on the photography path in general. Leah is very honest and open - her and my class mates' insights of their journey, struggles and triumphs gave me strength to further myself on mine." - Edit Kincses

"The Simple Edit was a phenomenal class. I had wanted to get more out of Lightroom, needed a better editing and workflow process, and wished I better understood the potential of the tool. This class helped me accomplish those, and improved my confidence as an artist (an unexpected benefit - thank you, Leah!). I highly recommend it." - Lynnae Day

"It was great to get a glimpse of the way she organizes her photos and her workflow, something I have always struggled with doing. It's a great class! Thank you Leah for sharing your knowledge and your time with us." - Tia Benningfield

"I think Leah's class is a perfect class for a new photographer or for someone who has used Photoshop for editing who wants to transition to Lightroom. I wish this course had existed when I was just beginning to use Lightroom. Leah's teaching would have been so helpful!" - Ingrid Damiani

"Leah's class is the real deal! Even though I've been working in Lightroom for years I learned a lot. I found myself shooting better - making more of an effort to get it correct in the camera so that my editing is a much simpler process. My last two sessions I found I shot less - with more intent and my workflow was so much better!" - Stayce Koegler

“The Simple Edit was perfect for where I am now in my photography journey. I knew hardly anything about editing images but now have a solid knowledge of all the editing elements in Lightroom - a really good foundation to build upon. Submitting images and seeing them edited by Leah, as well as many mages from the rest of the class has given me such a great idea of how the tools work and when to use them. Because of the course I have also made a 'master plan' on how to file my images, archive them, and back them up! It's going to take a while to catch up, but I know I will eventually get there with a plan. What I didn't expect to learn from this course was that by making a collection of my favourite/strongest images I would see that I do have a style emerging and I can clearly see where I want to go next with my photography. Its been a very worthwhile course. Thanks Leah!” - Tania White

"Leah's class, 'The Simple Edit', was so much more than I thought it would be. Prior to the class I only used presets and while I had a fair understanding of how to alter them I was not achieving the final image that I had envisioned. I can now edit from scratch and alter presets when I want to, I can see what I want to do and know how to do it! My understanding of Lightroom modules and workflow has also really improved. This is what I was hoping for but Leah also took the time to get to know each student individually. She guided each of us appropriately, to our differing skill levels and to our personal styles, she emphasized the importance of staying true to what we love and helped us achieve that. Leah was so caring and gave her all, this is more than just an editing class, it is so worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable. I loved it!" - Megan O'Donnell

"Leah was really wonderful. She was very thoughtful and sincere in her feedback. I loved that she didn’t just try to put her spin on your work but encouraged you in the direction you were working toward. I’m so happy I took this class. It not only helped me in my editing but helped me slow down and enjoy the photography journey I’m on." - Cora Wallin

"Leah is an open book, she shared so much knowledge over the course of this class. Her feedback is personal and heartfelt which made the experience really lovely. I learned so much about editing, but also about Lightroom, which was an unexpected bonus and a real game changer for me. I am now culling my images with more conviction and seeing my editing process evolve into a more intentional one. I highly recommend this class and am thankful to Leah for all that she gives to her students." - Ellen Shaw 

I highly recommend taking The Simple Edit with Leah Zawadzki! I wish I would've known about this class 10 years ago. Leah teaches in a way that is very easy to understand and apply to your own editing. I finally feel like I am using Lightroom how it was meant to be used and finishing my images in a way that will make them stand out. Leah is very generous with her time and knowledge and it's obvious that she really wants everyone in class to succeed. Her feedback on images is helpful, honest and easy put into action. Don't wait, take this class now! - Shalimar Beekman

"I first started learning how to edit in Lightroom about 3 years ago. I learned mostly from my brother in law and watching tutorials here and there. I ended up figuring it out and making do with a system I thought everyone had for LR - I just saw it as this beast that I only understood partially, but in the end, was what I needed to edit my photos. If I would have known about Leah's class back then, it would have saved me so much time and energy. I now can honestly say that I have the tools to do my job, and do it confidently and efficiently. There was so much about LR that I learned in this class that I didn't even think was possible. Thank you so much Leah!!" - Mindy Dunlap

"I was a silent student but learned so much by watching everyone's video critiques. Leah is so thorough with her explanations and very generous with her knowledge." - Cyndi Reader

"The Simple Edit was just what I needed to get started using Lightroom. Leah’s editing expertise was motivating and inspiring to watch, especially while she edits your work. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned and motivated to finish some long-standing projects." - Kerry Grogan

"This class really opened my eye for simple vs easy. There is nothing easy on having a good filing and organizing system and the ability to edit your pictures so that the edit looks simple. But it's so worth it to learn. And this is what Leah teaches. She has a fabulous style and I love what she taught me on my edits. This was really eye-opening." - Anna Weber

"Leah is an amazing teacher. She cares about her students and their work. I thought that this was just going to be a Lightroom class, but it was so much more. Leah pushes you as a photographer. She gets you to pick up your camera even on days when you don't feel like it. She taught us that you can make images at ANY time of the day. That was the best lesson I learned from this class. Leah is also extremely talented at what she does. It was great getting to watch her edit my images, see what she sees, and learn from that. I would highly recommend this class!" - Chrissy Lamb

"The Simple Edit goes far beyond the basics and delves deep into the Library and Develop modules to explain how to use presets and all the sliders in the Tone Curve and other editing features, as well as using the Print module. Leah has a way of connecting with you personally and critiquing your photos clearly explaining how to use Lightroom to make the most of your images and speed up the editing process and simplify your workflow. If you're looking to grow confident in all that Lightroom can do in using presets and how to further tweak them to your own simple style, then I highly recommend this class!" - Kathy James 

"After taking this class with Leah I feel like I have a very strong handle on Lightroom. Leah is a great teacher!" - Lee Genung

"The Simple Edit has taught me more than I can say, from editing to organizing, to simply taking better photos. Leah has helped me shape my photos into what I have held in my mind for so long, but not quite been able to make appear on the page. In this class, I have learned to follow the heart of the image I see in the edit. I now view editing as a way to further the telling of a story instead of viewing it as a correction process. This shift has helped me tremendously in my work. Leah's feedback and warmth have helped me bat away my insecurities and move forward in becoming a better photographer." - Lila Smyth

"Yes, the content of the course was awesome and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and put into practice. But most importantly, what I gained from this course was so much more than the content. Leah was happy to answer any question, however unrelated, she put in so much time to cater for each person and encourage us. I'm walking away with more clarity of what I am doing, where I want to take my work and how I will get there. I feel more inspired in my photography than I have for a long time, thank you for that Leah. xx" - Rose Punch

"I was truly at a dead end with my editing. I had personal work going back for years just waiting to be edited, but I felt like I needed to learn LR in order to get it done cleanly and properly. Leah taught me how to do everything I've wanted to learn. I looked forward to the lessons every day, and now the "spark" is back with my shooting and my editing. I'm so grateful for all that Leah taught me in this class! It was exactly what I had been looking for." - Julie Miller

"Leah was very open en clear with sharing her way of editing and her beautiful presets. In her videos she showed us how she edits and how she organises her photos in LR, this was very informative. She wants everybody to get the best out of the class, and she does that in a very kind, respectful and encouraging way. Also as a silent student, I felt that.I was already working with LR, but she gave me a lot more insides and ways to work with it. I loved the class!"  - Kitty de Jong

"I absolutely loved Leah's class! Her introduction to Lightroom, sharing of her processes, and lessons on editing were all very beneficial. I've used nothing but Lightroom for 5 years now and I learned so much about the program modules, how to customize Lightroom to my own workflow, and I was even introduced to new tools and buttons! Such a great class by a very talented and uplifting teacher!" - Sandy DeGasser

“Leah's class is not only perfect for someone getting their feet wet with Lightroom, but also for someone who has done it for a while. It's about a lot more than learning which sliders do what. (Although, that is in there as well!) The class explores editing as an extension of your artistry. The next step in finding your voice and making art that is true to your own unique vision.” - Mariah Evans

“If you are struggling with finding your own editing style, Leah will guide the way. I had never used Lightroom before this class and through Leah's videos, I learned it in 2 weeks and it has drastically changed my editing abilities as well as saved me hours of time editing. Can't recommend it enough.” - Jessica Goyda

“I got more out of The Simple Edit than I had anticipated. Not only did Leah provide excellent video reviews of how to use all the tools to edit in LR, she also taught us how to organize all our files in LR and on our hard drives/external drives. I can not tell you how essential her tips have been to me! I feel so much more organized now that I import all my photos using the workflow she has shared with us. On top of that, she walked us through how she approaches her sessions in order to sort through all the images she shot to arrive at her final favourites. It felt so personal, like you were getting taught one on one! What I loved about the class with Leah was also how responsive she was to our questions and confusion! When there seemed to be questions about the same topic, Leah would spend the extra time to make another video to teach us the concept we had questions on. Leah was encouraging and was able to critique our submissions in a constructive way, with no feelings of judgement. She was very careful to allow each person their own artistic expression, while trying to help us refine our own eye! I recommend you take this class even if you feel you are pretty good at editing already. It was more than just about using the tools in the Develop Module.” - Rachel Watters

"Leah's The Simple Edit class was fabulous! She was thorough, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. It was wonderful to see the improvements in everyone's edits as Leah taught us all to "see"! Thank you, Leah! Thank you, Illuminate!" - Yasmeen Strang

"This was an excellent class that provided an in depth overview of the editing process - from soup to nuts. Leah is an extremely talented photographer who provides very precise advice and shares how someone with a trained eye looks at both individual images and the body of work as a whole. The videos she created are truly rich with wisdom and tips, and I have already watched the videos several times to soak it all up. The only thing I wish I did differently was schedule a few hours with a babysitter during the two week stretch to study the videos and work on homework. That said, it is definitely one of the photo best classes I have taken." - Donna Graybill

"This was such a wonderful class! I have learned a lot and I truly enjoyed the insight Leah gave us in her work and sharing her knowledge and experience. Leah's critique was given in a constructive and encouraging manner. Great workshop!" - Danielle de Lange

"Leah walked through all the steps of editing right from how Lightroom works to finding your voice through your edits. She was encouraging and extremely available throughout the entire process. I already feel more confident both in my edits and culling my client work to create a stronger session. There is quite a bit of the course dedicated to learning Lightroom basics, so if you already know Lightroom you will still get something out of the course but in my opinion someone who is a beginner in Lightroom would get the most out of the course." - Michelle Little

"Thank you so much Leah for all of your hard work and extra bits and pieces you put into this class along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and as someone who tends to fail big time at online workshops, I found this one great to keep up with especially during a very hectic couple of weeks. xx" - Kellie Robinson

"Leah does an amazing job! She provides a write up so you know what to expect and can be prepared to know what information to expect in the video which is great for learning! She is concise and very informative... I loved Leah's class and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a talented professional." - Heather Persun-Ake

"The Simple Edit is a great class if you are a new or advanced Lightroom user. It makes you see your work differently and how to edit efficiently and stay true to your personal style." - Bree Hester

"Up until this point I have had zero editing experience. If anything I would just hit the "enhance" button in my Photos app and call it a day. I have such a greater handle on this process now thanks to Leah's simple edit class. Instead of taking images and never really doing anything with them, I now have a workflow that's easy and makes a lot of sense to me. Leah, thanks so much for all your help, I am so much more confident and what I did not realize before taking this class, is that your insight has made me take better photos even before the editing process starts. Your work has definitely been an inspiration to me and your honest and truly caring way of speaking to us made me relax and instill a confidence in me that I know that I can really do this also. I can't wait to shoot for the next 12 months and see where I am in a year after taking your class. Thanks again, much appreciated!" - Erin Cook

“Leah was great at trying to gently push us to take a second look - not to instill her particular style on our edits but to suggest how/where we might look to make the edits better or simpler. She was very patient and I could tell she really wanted the class to be a good experience for everyone. I learned so much but ultimately felt that I should take this class again once I have taken more pictures/figured out my style/have more confidence. The level of photography in the class was a little intimidating (everyone was super nice - but I just felt that I was a little out of my league). I sometimes felt I couldn't even take it all in. I learned so much and am excited to put some of my editing skills to practice.” - Carol Horn

“I really enjoyed the class. I had a silent seat, which enabled me to log on around my hectic work/life and catch up with the lessons when I could. I particularly enjoyed and learned from the videos showcasing Leah's edits of the student's pictures - totally brings the instruction to life when you see it in practice. I learned lots of new tricks with lightroom, tools I had no idea existed. Loved the course - thanks, Leah!” - Samantha Jones

“This was an amazing class that was taught with passion, expertise and enthusiasm. Leah was more than dedicated to ensuring her students understood the material and was very thorough in her explanations of her workflow. She truly does approach her work with a "simple edit" in Lightroom and encourages her students to do the same. Before class, I was caught up in the technicalities of the "numbers" in Lightroom and Leah taught us how to use our eye and vision as our guide. Additionally, she taught us different ways to use tools in Lightroom that I had never thought of before (i.e. the radial/gradient and brush tools, wow!). The amount of information that she covered in class amazed me. I swear she did not sleep during the time we were together! Overall, it was such a great experience and I highly recommend it!” - Allison LeMay

“Leah poured her heart and soul into this class - and I felt it, even as a silent student! She wants to help everyone in class. She answered every question, and every comment. She guides the active students through learning Lightroom, improving their photography, their edits, and and has so much experience with all of it that she does it gracefully and in a way that makes you feel you can conquer the photography world. I recommend this class 100 times over!” - Christina Judd

“Leah went above beyond for not just myself but for all of her students. She was helpful, encouraging, and full of knowledge. I want to take another illuminate class now! Worth every penny! Thank you!” - Amanda Reed

“The Simple Edit was a beautiful experience for a first time workshop taker. Leah taught me how to begin the process of training my eye and trusting myself. She creates each lesson with such passion and effort to see her students' vision - which is not always easy. I am so grateful. I'm going to be a frequent Illuminate Classes student from here on.” - Melissa Flores

“I signed up for the Simple Edit because I had known Leah's work trough Lillyblue Shop, and in the previous run I couldn't grab a spot as they were sold out very quickly. I was lucky enough to get a seat in the spring session and I wasn't disappointed. I have been using Lr for a couple of years, have enrolled in some courses and followed many tutorials, but I couldn't understand  Lr philosophy until now. Finally my archive is organized in a clear, logic and easy way. Just for that the course is worth it! But I am also very happy with the editing parts. I relied a lot in presets previously and now I can hand edit confident, or tweak the presets that I have with intend.” - Sol Sanchez

“Although I have used LR comfortably for a couple years, I wondered if I was perhaps too comfortable and maybe missing out on features that would save me time in my editing.  Not only did TSE reveal some time-saving features of LR I had missed, but the best part was learning Leah's workflow and how she manages culling for a client or personal set, how she incorporates presets, how to minimize switching applications, creating albums, basic video editing and even backups. Leah was incredibly dedicated to the class – from her preparation weeks before on soliciting our most difficult images to edit, to her everyday presence in the class and giving detailed feedback and answers to questions.  Thanks to TSE, my editing is already more efficient and I know the workflow I have is solid.” - Mary Pat Reeve

“I have been battling inconsistency and with the help of this class am realizing that consistency begins way before you click the shutter. Its also in a simple workflow and learning how to cull images- and in this you grow as an artist and grow in intent and direction.  I am encouraged that a beautiful photograph that carries impact and meaning does not have to be complicated- that simple really is more. That simple tweaks can carry the most effect.. I wanted to better understand the tone curve - and wowser Leah definitely shared on this and finally it makes more sense to me.  Her workflow method worked super well for me, cutting down on uncertainty and confusion. In this alone Im looking forward consistency and growing confidence in my own  style. This class is exactly what I needed.” - Rebecca Rottcher

“I was so surprised and impressed and how much I learned in this class. I was just expecting to learn a few editing tips and learn my way around Lightroom, but I learned so much more. I was able to grow in my photo taking, my creativity, and my editing. I loved being able to learn through watching Leah edit her own photos and see her amazing talent in editing as well as her photography. I loved being able to see so many talented photographs from students. It offered such a varied and unique perspective from so many people. I loved the format of being able to watch videos. Leah put so much time into her feedback and her critique. This critique, while not overly harsh, was very still real enough to help us improve and grow. This class was so great at inspiring me, and giving me the tools to become a better photographer.” - Maryn Risenmay

“I loved being able to work at my own pace and mark what I had completed. The videos were very well put together and made it easy to learn the information (and re-watch if there was something I forgot).  The Simple Edit was great for me, even an experienced Lightroom user, as the instructor's knowledge was more thorough.  I learned a lot and my images are improving.” - Aubrey Holmgren

“I took this class as a silent student and really wish I would have taken it as an active student. Leah's understanding and awareness of each student as an individual artist was so thought out in her feedback to each student, I could have really benefited from that type of mentoring. Even though I knew my way around Lightroom before, I have taken away so much information from this class, I feel it is always helpful to see the whole picture of how someone like Leah organizes and edits her work.” - Kristi Estes

“I took Leah's class because I wanted to organize my photos using Lightroom and speed up the editing process--her class seemed the perfect solution. What I wasn't expecting was to become excited and energized about photography again and the whole creative process! We were only a few days into the class when I knew that it was going to be much more than what I had expected.  Leah isn't just a teacher, but a mentor and friend. She opened herself up to us in a very honest and genuine way and also took a very personal interest in each of us as students. I was amazed at how much time she put into giving us feedback and answering our questions. I'm enjoying working in Lightroom now, but I'm also shooting with more confidence, and for that I'm very grateful.” - Debra Lamb

“Leah was so easy to follow along with and learn from, she's a great teacher! Just needed more time with her, like in person!” - Maria George

“If you are an absolute beginner or a photography veteran, this class provides the knowledge and confidence to expertly edit even the toughest of images. Believe me- I had some doozies! Leah is patient and thorough- her tips are eye opening! Thanks Leah- I'm forever in your debt.” - Jessica Murphy

“I've been using LR since it's first beta, but I still learnt so much from Leah.  I feel more organised, confident and now have a far better understanding of this incredible software.  Thank you!” - Jennifer Clare

“I'm so excited about everything I learned!  If you are looking to cut down on the hours in front of the computer as well as refine your editing style and workflow, this is the class for you!!  Lightroom is an amazing editing and organizing tool and I'm so grateful I finally understand how to use it.  In addition to cutting down on my client session work-flow time, I'm thrilled I can finally keep my portfolio up to date without much effort, and make a family book with out spending weeks in front of my computer. Thanks, Leah!” - Alexia Fenton

“Leah was really a joy to have as a teacher! I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Simple Edit class, even though it was short and went by way too fast, I came out with a new perspective of workflow, editing and photography in general. I had never used LR to the extent that we have been taught through this class. With that being said, I have been super impressed by the skills that I have learned. My workflow has become much faster and my editing process has become more simple. Leah was amazing to work with and always had good constructive critiques. I would definitely recommend this to LR beginners, even though it's extremely overwhelming in the beginning, the class as a whole was totally worth it! Thank you Leah!” - Hanna Campbell

“I came into this class knowing zero about Lightroom, very intimidated. Now I have direction and feel less lost, less intimidated, which is huge. Leah is a great teacher.  She truly cares about what she's doing and that shows.  I encountered a fairly big issue in getting started and she took the time to sit on the phone and talk to me as well as email me to try to put me on the right path.  While I'm still working out the issue, I got where I needed to be able to work through the class and assignments. There are so many videos, and I'm grateful to have them.  The videos vary in length, but she obviously put a ton of time into creating them and carefully selecting the content she wanted to cover.” - Nicole Graziano

"I loved being a part of the Simple Edit! There was so, so much information that was incredibly beneficial to my learning. Leah provided a supportive environment for learning, which included thoughtful noting of strengths as well as supportively teaching new techniques to further my learning and editing." - Kelsey Siegel